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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

When Smart People...


Jeebie comments on this piece.
Lets examine Bush's three items.

The energy crisis of 1976 lead to the creation of the department of energy, so that we could cure our dependence on foreign oil. 30 years later, no progress, trillions given to wealthy multinational corporations and islamic jihadists bent on killing us. And even greater dependence today.

Comprehensive immigration reform in 1986 lead to amnesty, followed by invasion, and our current crisis. Billions of tax dollars sucked out of the taxpayers wallet. Thousands of Americans murdered, robbed and raped. Still no enforcement, no borders, no reform, and a government that looks the other way, telling us another amnesty is the only solution.

Affordable healthcare? For who? Free to congressmen, presidents and illegal aliens only. Hospitals are going bankrupt because they can no longer afford to hand out free care to illegals. Ever greater taxes and insurance premiums on the citizens to pay for the care the illegals receive, while the paying citizen gets less and less for his dollar? Massive, bloated socialist prescription drug plan, paid for by, you guessed it, the taxpayer?

Is there a pattern here? Everything that government touches is worse than the touch of Katrina? Every solution worse than having done nothing at all. Incompetence, corruption, financial disaster for the taxpayers, every time. Every request by the people for the government to stop, is answered with an Imperial dismissal of "we know whats best, now go away". When is enough, enough? Sadam was held accountable for his misdeeds, do the traitors in Washington feel they should not also be accountable?

Jeebie | 01.03.07 - 8:02 pm | #
I think we all feel that we're no longer represented by Washington. Washington represents Washington and we can go hang. The problem is this state of affairs is by definition unstable, especially in a Democracy.

How does a country restrain an out of control government? Can it be done? Is there a historical example we can examine?



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