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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You Can Lead A Corrupt Horse To Water...

Source: globegazette
The recent Swift meatpacking raids, has again brought the immigration issue to the forefront.

But until Mexicans can make an equitable living in their own country, they will continue to make the desperate and perilous journey north.

The Mexican government certainly needs to have more compassion and empathy for its people. And the U.S. needs to put more pressure on Mexico to clean up its corrupt government, including its venal police structure.

However, our own country must also bare some responsibility for the situation on the border. The U.S. is the most powerful nation in the world and yet we have accepted as normal a third-world country as our neighbor.

For decades, U.S. apathy played a significant role in keeping Mexico’s economy depleted, while Canada’s kept relative pace with our own.
And what would Mr. Phillip R. Sanchez suggest we do exactly? This is an easy thing to toss out, "Oh, Mexico is only screwed up because of American apathy."

Okay, then what do you suggest Mr. Sanchez? Actual policy positions please, if at all possible avoid nonsensical bromides that aren't helpful in any meaningful way.

Yes we 'tolerate' a third world country on our southern border, what else can we do? It's not as if we can move the country of Mexico away somewhere. Until Mexico relinquishes it's love of economy crippling socialism it will remain a backwater. This sort of change can only come through pain and unfortunately due to our stupid largess we keep easing that pain before it can do any good.

The biggest mistake the United States ever made vis-a-vis Mexico was the bail out in the nineties. We bailed out Mexico for a variety of reasons, but number one in my book was because American businesses had invested billions of dollars in ole Marxico.

An investment is always a risk, so to bail out a non-functioning nation state simply because our foolish businesses made investments where they shouldn't have is in essence the definition of stupidity. We are under precisely zero obligation to carry Mexico, it is a sovereign nation and as such should be allowed to sink or swim on its own.

You can lead a corrupt horse to water, but it's still a corrupt horse.

H/T beyond borders who sez..."the United States doesn’t have the power to make another nation prosperous, to force them to adopt sane economic policies, to root corruption out of their government, etc."

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