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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Easily The Most Bizarre Thing I've Read All Day!

Source: KCRG
MARION - Marion Mayor John Nieland used his state of the city address to say Marion’s making plans to tackle immigration issues, but the idea definitely kicked up some controversy on Tuesday.

Nieland wants a city police officer trained to go after businesses hiring illegal workers, but using city money for that purpose didn’t make everybody happy.

“The problem you have is people keep hiring them. If you didn’t hire them, there would be no problem,” said Nieland.
Okay, this is becoming a fairly standard story. Local community is overrun by invaders and attempts to deal with the problem themselves. They get the Jake dictum that "Washington is not our savour." And of course deeply patriotic groups (sic) like the ACLU and La Raza will sue to allow the invasion to continue unabated, but this town hasn't reached that stage yet.

However, in every article of this stripe you have somebody stand up and defend the invasion. In hazelton a local loon said the anti-illegal ordinance would make Hazelton "the first Nazi city in the country." In Escondido "Speaker after speaker decried the law as racist and inhumane."

But the comment attached to this story has them beat hands down on the bizarro scale.
But Cedar Rapids’ chamber president Lee Clancy said the idea could jeopardize efforts by many area businesses to bring in workers from different cultures.

“How do you implement a plan like his and still create and sustain a welcoming environment?” said Lee Clancey.
Huh? WTF is this guy talking about? Why are local businesses bringing in workers from different cultures? Does their local business community double as a 'Model UN?'

Feel free to send Mr. Clancy an email:

Here's mine...
Mr. Clancy,

I read the article at the local KCRG website enumerating the efforts of the local mayor to deal with illegal immigration in your community.

I also read your comments therein detailing how you felt this would make the community unwelcoming to "efforts by many area businesses to bring in workers from different cultures."

I did a little Googling and found this article detailing your efforts to bring foreign investment into your area, an effort I find laudable.

However, what I find less than laudable is the conflation you make, first between legal and illegal immigration, and second between being a welcoming society and enforcing our laws.

I have one question for you sir, which other laws would you countenance breaking in the Cedar Rapids area? If I felt like swinging by and knocking over a bank would that be okay? How about kiting a couple of checks? It's no big deal, people do it every day.

I find these comments both reprehensible and dishonest and my final question to you sir would be this: Are you stupid or merely venal?

Your children and grandchildren will judge you for the short sighted decisions and statements you make this day sir, choose wisely.

Jake Jacobsen
Go get'em!

H/T immigration watchdog

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