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Friday, February 02, 2007

You'll Be Shocked To Learn...

Source: The Washington Times

That the new co-head of the RNC, one Mel Martinez, professional Hispanic and teller of tall tales supports amnesty!
Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida, the Republican National Committee’s new general chairman, wants Congress to pass an immigration bill this year that will include a guest-worker program with “earned citizenship” requirements for illegal aliens.

Mr. Martinez, whose election encountered sharp opposition from some RNC members who think his support for giving illegal aliens a path to citizenship is a thinly veiled form of amnesty, said, “I don’t support deporting these people because I don’t believe that’s a realistic approach.

In an interview with The Washington Times, his first since taking the helm of the RNC, he acknowledged the opposition to his election and his support for the Kennedy-McCain bill that called for a multistep process of earned amnesty for all but the most recent illegals. But he said, “My views on immigration are not well understood.”
No, Mel, the problem here is that your views on unlimited amnesty are only too well understood. Leaving you with no where else to lie to us. Did I mention he's Hispanic? That his story should serve as an inspiration to us as he destroys this country? Oh, I did?

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