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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Other War

While our brave men and women fight in Iraq another war is currently under way on our Southern border. This is a silent war, a war no one wants to talk about, with casualties, fatalities and ongoing battles.

D.A. King brings us the death toll from the southern border. This is a list of all the border patrol agents who have lost their lives defending this country from this ongoing and government supported invasion...
Ralph L. Anderson 1968

George F. Azrak 1967

James Rozas 1985

Michael W. Barnes 1996

Jefferson L. Barr 1996

John S. Blue 1973

Lee L. Bounds 1974

Michael T. Box 1950

William F. Buckelew 1954

James G. Burns 1968

Thomas K. Byrd 1983

Kenneth L. Carl 1961

James M. Carter 1956

Clarence M. Childress 1919

Frank N. Clark 1924

Richard D. Clarke 1950

Keith Connelly 1989

Jesus De La Ossa 1998

Augustin De La Pena 1925

Edwin C. Dennis 1974

Roberto J. Duran 2002

Earl F. Fleckinger 1945

Joseph P. Gamez Jr. 1978

Charles Gardiner 1922

Ross A. Gardner 1925

Rene B. Garza 1999

Henley M. Goode Jr. 1969

Lester L. Haynie 1985

Robert J. Heibler 1941

Ned D. Henderson 1945

Eloy Hernandez 2002

Benjamin T. Hill 1929

Catherine M. Hill 2002

Elgar B. Holliday 1967

Charles L. Hopkins 1919

Charles F. Inch 1932

Daniel M. James Jr. 2001

Archie L. Jennings 1960

Friedrich Karl 1973

Donald Kee 1954

John D. Keenan 1989

Robert W. Kelsay 1930

James M. Kirchner 1954

Alexander Kirpnick 1998

Robert H. Lobdell 1928

Richard A. Lugo 1967

Xavier G. Magdaleno 1995

Josiah B. Mahar 1988

Miguel J. Maldonado Jr. 1997

James F. Mankin 1924

William D. McCalib 1930

John R. McCravey 1987

William W. Mckee 1926

Doyne C. Melton 1933

Jose A. Nava 1995

Theodore L. Newton Jr. 1967

Victor C. Ochoa 1983

Anthony L. Oneto 1947

Walter S. Panchison 1998

Jason C. Panides 2001

Lon Parker 1926

Glen A. Phillips 1974

Thad Pippin 1927

George E. Pringle 1940

Ralph W. Ramsey 1942

John A. Rector 1956

Joseph P. Riley 1925

David F. Roberson 1989

Earl A. Roberts 1929

Susan L. Rodriguez 1998

Norman G. Ross 1928

Manuel Salcido Jr. 1985

Norman R. Salinas 1986

Ricardo G. Salinas 1998

Luis A. Santiago 1995

Miles J. Scannel 1929

Ivan E. Scotten 1929

Douglas C. Shute 1956

William L. Sills 1940

Weldon Smith 1979

Louis D. Stahl 1992

Stephen C. Starch 1997

Phillip D. Strobridge 1933

Stephen M. Sullivan 1999

Oscar T. Torres 1974

Aurelio E. Valencia 1996

Frank Vidmar Jr. 1932

Harry E. Vincent 1930

Bert G. Walthall 1933

Edwin H. Wheeler 1952

Joe R. White 1995

Thomas J. Williams 1998

Franklin P. Wood 1927
Perhaps we need a 'surge' on our southern border? And to the Chamber of Commerce and lunatic lefty types? How many deaths are too many? To the newsies who ignore this story with a passion" Have we reached any "grim milestones" here? And to the politicians? Can we pull out of Mexico now?

H/T Dusty Inman

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