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Monday, March 26, 2007

Awwww Crap!

Source: breitbart

Not funny ha-ha you understand, more of a forehead slapping WTF!
At least four Palestinians drowned in a tsunami of raw sewage on Tuesday when a water treatment reservoir burst, flooding a village in the northern Gaza Strip.

The deluge, triggered by the collapse of a septic system aid organisations had long warned was dangerously overburdened, submerged dozens of homes in the Bedouin farming village of Umm al-Nasr beneath a cesspool of foul-smelling effluent.

Two women, one more than 70 years old, and two toddlers aged one and two died in the flood. Fifteen people were injured and scores more are still missing, according to Palestinian medics.

Village children clung to wooden doors floating on the putrid waters as rescuers used boats to help the victims.
So you see my dilemma, on the one hand jokes are simply falling out of this article, on the other - eeewww!

One is forced to wonder though, is effluent ever not foul smelling? I simply assumed that was the deal.


My god I'm a sick puppy!

H/T and a confused and bewildered thx 2 Ace who has more.

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