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Friday, April 20, 2007

Asian Commenter: Respect Us Or We'll Come Out Shooting!

Source: New York Times Blog
I understand why the the student turned into a gunman. I knew that something like this was going to happen, and this may be the beginning, unless Americans become more respectful to non-white people (both verbal and nonverbal). Racism is constant, mostly nonverbal. I came from a similar background, although not exactly the same. During the junior high school, I was one of the few Asians at the school. Many students are racists and people called me many names. I also spoke constantly about killing people. I started lifting weights, and at the end of that year, I was the strongest in my school. I played with lots of bb guns and paintball guns. I started playing various sports (fball, wrestling, etc). My parents were also poor. Many immigrants either join gangs or some people play sports to release their anger. Fortunately, I was able to overcome the environmental factors, became very popular in high school, and overcame the adversity. It is a special challenge for immigrants and non-caucasians in America. I have an incredibly strong will power and through the help of God, I overcame adversities and constant racism. Now, I am very successful. Many people will not overcome racial adversities and this shooting could just be the beginning… My advice to all Americans:
1. Be respectful to all people (both verbal and nonverbal), all the time.
2. I don’t understand the gunlaw(biggest problem)
3. American media is full of junk (violence(WWF), sex(OC), drugs, and violent music. Get rid of them, now.
4. Understand that many people from other countries that have poor english accents are better educated than many americans here, with masters and PhDs. Be respectful to people in all places, but most Americans will never know what it feels like to be non-white, because white people are nice to white people.
5. The gunman had personal problems, but it is the media, and the americans that influenced the gunman. Again, the gunlaw is also incomprehensible.
What the hell, let's just state the obvious here. Kids will always be dicks to kids who are different. The only way to change that would be to eliminate children. Does our deluded commenter here really think a white child would fare much differently in a non-white society?

You know, MJ and I used to go to Chinatown here in Chicago, we were treated poorly because we were white. Should we go down there and threaten them with violence for treating us poorly and with suspicion? Or is it okay because MJ and I are white?

Because to state the obvious corollary to his statement that "most Americans will never know what it feels like to be non-white, because white people are nice to white people," would be that of course "brown people are nice to brown people." Duh!

Just take minute and really absorb what he's saying. We need to change things in America to make it more comfortable for immigrants. Ummm, no, last time I checked it was immigrants that needed to bend. If you really don't like the culture you sire are the luckiest of men.

Because you can get the hell out!

Respect us or we'll start shooting! Sounds like the perfect "multi-cultural" slogan, no?

H/T Knickerbocker blog via Vdare

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