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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why Not Believe Them?

Found in comments at the Indymedia thread on Hold Their Feet To The Fire...
by Anglo Hater

We are going to swallow Anglo America. We are going to take control and do whatever we want and you can't stop us. We don't care about your democracy or plymouth rock or your laws or your mythical border or your constitution or 'voter rights'-- all that means nothing because we are going to retake what you stole from us and restore Mexico here from the ground up. It's inevitable. You can't stop us. It's not possible. We love the joy of babies and our children too much. Hah hah--and you actually voted for George Bush too! You fools! He's going to make it happen because he fears us! We are laughing at you! You have already lost. Start learning Spanish. HAH HAH! Good morning Aztlan!
All I can say is: Please -- Please -- Please keep talking like this!

Americans just love hearing how they'll be thrown out of their country.

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