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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Such Nice Folks!

Source: yahoo
Border cops recover 1,000 stolen wedding gowns

PHOENIX (Reuters) - U.S. border police found 1,000 wedding gowns stolen from a cancer charity and crammed into a truck trying to get into Mexico, federal authorities said on Tuesday.

The donated dresses were on their way to Los Angeles to a fundraiser for the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation in November when they were stolen in Scottsdale, Arizona, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency said.

Inspectors in southern Arizona recovered the dresses late last week when they inspected a tractor trailer that had been denied entry to Nogales, Mexico, by Mexican customs officials.

Police discovered the gowns, which have an estimated value of $3 million, and arrested the driver. It was not immediately clear if the driver was a U.S. or Mexican citizen.
Ooooh, I'm all aquiver with anticipation! And since they'll never tell us, what the hell, let's assume it was a delicious, crispy invader who was merely ripping off the charities Americans can't be bothered to rip off.

Such nice folks these invaders, we're lucky to have them infesting our country.

For the dense? "It was not immediately clear if the driver was a U.S. or Mexican citizen." = Illegal alien! I figured I better spell it out since there are those who will believe no wrong of our delightful invader class.

And for these diehards here's my fun challenge for you -- you want to shove these Mr. Meanypants words of mine down my throat? Fine, determine his/their status and should he turn out to be an American citizen I will cheerfully offer a correction, how's that for fair?

Because as we all know Mexico is the fencing choice of champion criminals, after all, that's where the money is fool!

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