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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oberweis: "Undocumented Workers" vs. Documented Candidate

Jim Oberweis made news last year when he made a bid for the Illinois epublican nomination for U.S. Senate. A memorable TV commercial showed him hovering over Soldier Field in a helicopter to illustrate the size of America's illegal immigration problem. Alas, his adamant stance against illegal immigration didn't go over too well here in the Windy City. Shocker.

Now he's throwing his hat back in the ring for next year's gubernatorial race here in Illinois. Unwilling to let any grass grow under their feet, his opponents have already begun chanting their political mantra: Smear Early, Smear Often.

Two groups opposed to Republican governor candidate Jim Oberweis' ardent stance against illegal immigration said Tuesday they helped two illegal immigrants file a state labor complaint alleging the dairy owner hired a cleaning firm that paid sub-minimum wages.

Read yesterday's article in the Chicago Tribune here.

It turns out, however, that Jim Oberweis did not hire the two ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who are "being helped" to file the state labor complaint. He contracted with a company called Patmar to clean his dairy stores. But turns out that Patmar didn't even hire the two ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. One of their employees (now a former employee) -- Eduardo Martinez -- paid the two ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS out of his own pocket to clean the stores for him. Read more here.

Now, the proof that the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are offering against Oberweis is videotape of them cleaning the stores. The videotape was reportedly taken by a group called the Chicago Workers Collaborative. In the middle of the night, which is when Oberweis's dairy stores get cleaned. Hmmmm. One wonders, if this was not a set-up (which both the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and the groups that are "helping" them deny), what someone from the CWC was doing strolling by an Oberweis Dairy shop in suburban Chicago in the middle of the night with a video camera.

Something definitely stinks here...and it ain't the dairy products.



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