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Monday, February 13, 2006

Respect a Person's Rights, Not His Religion

As the Muhammad cartoon controversy continues to swirl around us, I'm getting good and tired of people saying that I have to respect someone's religion. I don't -- you don't -- there is no respect due to someone else's religion.

From my good buddy, Merriam-Webster online, here's an actual definition of respect:

2 : an act of giving particular attention

3a : high or special regard...b : the quality or state of being esteemed
In our highly PC world, most of us nod our heads without contemplation when anyone (like our president) says that we have to respect someone's religion -- in this case, Islam. But let's actually use the definition to contemplate that assertion, shall we?

Are you required to give particular attention to Islam? Are you supposed to hold Islam in high or special regard? Do you feel obligated to esteem Islam?

I know I don't. Nor should you.

I'll tell you what I do give particular attention to: individual rights. I hold each person's right to practice the religion of their choice in high or special regard. I highly esteem the right to free speech.

Anyone who tells me that I "have to" respect Islam is exhibiting spineless, appeasing, dangerous dhimmitude.

I'm not interested. I hope you're not either.

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