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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Activist Conference Call

I received a tip last night that activists from would be holding a conference call on the May 1st protests. My source also provided the phone # and access code.

These are rough notes jotted down quickly as I listened in on the call...(I got some names and missed others so all are simply attributed to generic activists) (it was also really boring socialist twaddle for the most part so I hope you appreciate my willingness to enter the fetid leftist swamps for you dear reader, I do it all for you)
"Laws don't matter, it's all politics."

"The law doesn't matter, we need to build confidence in the immigrant community to stop harrassment and threats."

(The protesters) "They will be successful because they're organized at work, at home and around the dinner table."

(On the boycott) "No purchasing, no showers, no electricity, closing down immigrant owned businesses."

"(Hispanic) Radio stations are still behind the organizing."

(Suggested slogan) "See the face of Christ in the face of the undocumented."

"Legalization is not amnesty, it's something earned."

"They'll (illegal aliens) be fingerprinted which made my white, conservative congregation much more comfortable."

"We're in a fight for power against right wingers who want to criminalize immigrants."

"Have speakers fluent in english. When you speak in Spanish you're preaching to the choir. You don't want to speak to the choir, you want to speak to the media."

(On wearing white) "I don't know about that, the students were wearing red to support MECHA."
The most telling quote to me are the first two suggesting laws don't matter.

The funniest are those that suggest the enemy is right wingers. Did these folks miss the president's speech yesterday?

H/T Kender

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