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Sunday, April 09, 2006

What should be our highest priority in formulating policies on immigration?

Powerline is continuing to run a poll with this question at the top. Almost ten thousand people have voted, what do you think they're saying?

Facilitating immigration by skilled, educated foreigners who want to become citizens. 5%502
Strengthening control of our borders to prevent possible terrorists and criminals from entering illegally. 44%4,264
Providing a path to citizenship for the illegal aliens who are already here. 2%180
Cracking down on employers to prevent illegal immigrants from taking jobs and driving down the wages available to native-born Americans. 11%1,026
Attracting low-wage workers through a guest worker program, to keep our economy competitive. 1%109
Erecting a wall and stricter border controls to stop non-English speaking immigrants who are not interested in assimilating. 33%3,196
Making the American Dream available to as many people from foreign countries as possible, regardless of how they come here. 4%363
Continuing our present emphasis on permitting immigration by relatives of immigrants who are already here. 0%23
9,663 votes total
77% want major enforcement first, so it just makes sense to ram a "comprehensive" bill down our throats, don't it?

Especially since 1% are hoping to see a guest worker program?

Legislate on you proud and foolish Senators!



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