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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An African American Response...

Source: The Corner
"Derb—-Some GOP defenders warn us to stick with George Bush because, though he sold us out on the illegal alien/guest-voter issue, there are bogeymen (and women) on the horizon that might sell us out two times over. ... Look no further than the issue of illegal labor itself to witness the rewards of blind loyalty. For eons, black Americans were advised to stick with the Dems, even when empirical evidence demonstrated that that party had no solutions for the ills of the inner cities. Why remain true blue? Because the Republicans were always going to be worse. The payoff? Cheap imported labor negatively impacts the African-American population more than any other, Vicente Fox's ramblings to the contrary, and Ted Kennedy drives right past their bus stop on his way to pick up the new kids in town. After years of blind investment with no dividends, the black community now has little capital and less leverage."



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