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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

An Alternate Immigration Speech

Found here
Here’s what I wanted to hear:

“American citizens, we have an epidemic of illegal immigration in our country and it must be stopped once and for all. We are a nation of laws and our immigration laws must be followed. Since tens of millions disregard these laws and have put a gargantuan burden on our social services, have increased our prison populations, forced the closure of many of our clinics along border states, brought in diseases we had virtually eradicated from our country and have eroded the quality of our schools in many cities. For all of these reasons, along with national security reasons, I have authorized the Army engineers and National Guard to begin the development of a wall along much of the border. Hundreds of thousands of tons of brick and mortar are on the move towards the southern border as we speak. I have recalled our troops from Germany, Japan and South Korea. They will now be defending the homeland and they will number nearly 30,000 with a plethora of military equipment at their disposal. Once the wall is complete all illegals from our prisons will be deported. Rounding up and deporting illegals will become commonplace. The concept of “sanctuary city” is illegal and any mayors or governors that implement it will be arrested. This illegal invasion will be met head on and we will not relent until the job is finished. We have taken on greater tasks in Iraq and Afghanistan and there is no reason we cannot tackle this issue. I have contacted Dictator Fox and told him to go fuck himself and to reform the shithole, commonly known as Mexico, that his people are fleeing by the millions. Any interference by the Mexican military or drug cartels will be seen as an act of war and will be met with a devastating response. I have even authorized the military to contemplate using one of our most feared weapons, Helen Thomas and Madeline Halfbright running naked through the streets of Mexico.

The game is over.”
Sounds good to me.

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