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Monday, May 15, 2006

President Bush's "IMMIGRATION SPEECH OF EPIC PROPORTIONS" Live-Blogging & Drinking Game

Oki-dokie! We are all atwitter here at Freedom Folks waiting to hear what bill of goods the president has prepared for us tonight. Will he...Actually get tough on border security? (magic eight balls reports a "doubtful).

Before we get going I want to take Gateway Pundit to task over a minor issue. GP has suggested a drinking game as well, howevah, with one small detail I must take issue with.

This is the list of required libations for tonight's event...
What's Needed:
* Two cases of Dos X Beer per person,... or three
* One dozen limes
* Salt
* shot glasses
* beer bong
* Tequila
* Tequila worms
Do you see the problem here? Why in God's name would we promote MEXICAN beer and tequila when you could be promoting this...

Let's not forget that brave Danes are still in danger from Islamotards on a daily basis. It's still vitally important that we continue to stand behind them, and with all due kiss-my-assness, Mexico can kiss my hienie!

So in that spirit I'll be enjoying a couple of Carlsberg's tonight!

Seeing as Gateway (who is an excellent blogger BTW) has posted all of these articles on the Danish Cartoon riots, I'm sure he'd agree!

Now on to the live blogging...

Others live blogging the event can be found here. (Courtesy of NZ Bear)

Now without further ado...

What will tonight's speech bring...


Only time will tell!

Our drinking game is simple. Drink lots, you're gonna need it!

No, No, seriously, here's the rules if you choose to pay along (in the interest of full disclosure we don't drink much so this is mostly in fun)

This is based on John Derbyshire's list from NRO.
jobs Americans won’t do
nation of immigrants
family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande
good-hearted people
path to citizenship
my good friend Vicente Fox
this is not amnesty
Mexico is a friend?
If the president uses any of these phrases tonight feel free to have a drink. If he uses them all feel free to have a lot of drinks, just remember it's a school night kids so enjoy the hangover manana! If you actually want to play we'll keep a running tally of these insulting phrases and any others that crop up in tonight's "I'M YOUR PRESIDENT AND I LOVE ILLEGALS" fest.

And we're off and running...

7:00 Speech is getting ready to start

7:01 idiot MSM commentor just related Prez. Bush got idea for speech during the massive protests, nice to know the intimidation rallies worked!

7:03 My first Carlsberg is delicious! Crazy delicious even.

7:03 "good hearted people" take a drink wimps!

7:03 "Nation of immigrants" drink again!

7:06 "High tech fence?" Sounds like a bunch of hooie to me!

7:07 Blah, blah, blah, sounds like the usual crap to me!

7:09 Let's recap, guard won't be doing law enforcement, nonsense fence, lots of money for what exactly?

7:10 Guest workers!! Yay!!

7:10 "jobs Americans aren't doing" drink up!

7:11 I'm always proud to be an American when our president advocates surrender before we even try to fight.

7:12 No "automatic" path to citizenship for those who've broken the law longer, Yay!

7:12 1/2 drink up, he's on a roll!

7:15 Stop The ACLU sez: It is not amnesty!!!! Please no naked pyramids!

7:15 I say, please make it stop, my heads about to explode!

7:16 What word did our "honest" president just forget? Anyone? Anyone? Illegal perhaps?

7:17 Grab a hankie, here come the sob stories

7:18 No matter where they come from? What about no matter how they come.

7:19 Remember, comprehensive=amnesty and no enforcement

7:20 Well, absolutely nothing new tonight. The usual, typical canards.

7:21 We can't deport 12 million people (that we allowed in), Good hearted people (who gives a rat's butt?), Throw money at enforcement (yeah, haven't tried that one before), admonitions for Americans to "be polite" as millions of foreign aiens invade our country, and of course sob stories about wonderful Mexicans. I believe I'm at 100% of my predictions!

7:22 president suggested we not get angry, why not? Shouldn't we be angry when he not only allows, but facilitates an invasion of this country?

Some round-ups...

Right Wing News (0 links)
"I think this is going to be an absolute disaster that is going to be widely panned by everyone except open borders advocates like Bill Kristol and people who are going the President no matter what happens. Let's hope I'm completely wrong."

Outside the Beltway (0 links)
"'To secure our border we must create a temporary worker program.' While I agree with the policy, it's absurd to think this adds to our security. He's right that it would have a whole lot of anciliary benefits. Oddly, exactly the same benefits would acrue from legalizing illicit drugs that are smuggled across our border..."

Pursuing Holiness (0 links)
"...the complaint that I and many others have about President Bush on this issue is that he is not just one man bravely fighting this battle against entrenched bureaocracy and thirty years of bad policy and a corrupt Congress. No. He is actively working against any efforts to slow the invasion. He's already apologizing for the illegals. They�re outside the "reach and protection" of American law only because they choose to be."

Passionate America (1 links)
"Minute Men, these people are heroes and I feel like Bush as portrayed them as vigilantes and turned over their location to the Mexican government. Hey George, are you the Prez of the USA or Mexico? Maybe you should figure that out."

7:29 Fred Thompson is on now agreeing with the president, that's a damn shame I always liked Fred. Tough to see a guy like that in bed with Vincente Bush! I can't watch "Hunt for Red October" ever again! Fred seems a little puzzled why people are upset about this.

More round-ups, Dick "The Turbin" Durbin will be on in a minute to explain why should open the borders. MJ suggests Dickhead Durbin, too far?

Right Side of the Rainbow (0 links)
"Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't think any other issue � save perhaps for out-of-control federal spending � implicates the future cohesion of the Republican coalition as much as this issue. It's worth talking about..."

The Question Fairy (0 links)
"Not militarizing the border; 'Mexico is our neighbor and friend'--- Our friend needs to remember to mow his lawn and take care of his property, a fence would help."

ALarge Regular (0 links)
"This was an excellent speech. A home run! The speech basically spoke to five specific issues and maybe it would be best if I took them one at a time..."

Latino Issues (1 links)
"It is sad to see so many millions so desperate for a better life! But this doesn't mean we open our borders, and it does not mean we stop enforcing our laws. I'll take this moment to remind readers to get involved in making a difference in Latin America. Join your local church mission trips, AND financially support other missionaries or relief charities."

7:34 Durbin speaks!

7:35 Here's the problem with this issue, Dick Durbin is now on the right of President Bush, how about them apples? He quotes the 9-11 commission saying we need to secure the border. So at the risk of my head exploding I have to agree, why haven't we secured the border Mr. President?

7:37 Of course it was too good to last. Mr. Durbin after detailing his desire for no criminals and what not receiving citizenship followed closely by his desire to remove our borders and invite every person on the planet to join us here, which can only be a good thing, no?

7:39 Well, I guess we'll call it a night, the president did precisely what I thought he would. I'm shocked that he went on prime time television to trot out the same old BS. Did he really think we'd suddenly slap our foreheads and say "oh!" "I see now, of course, though you've been saying the exact same things for five years, and I've disagreed with you the entire time, now! Now I have seen the light."

Yeah, I don't think so. I'm still ashamed of you Mr. President. How about taking care of the American people, it would be a nice change of pace. Stop underfunding the border patrol and do whatever it takes to secure the border.

Stop blaming Americans for your failures, there are no jobs Americans won't do, unfortunately the unrelenting numbers of "New Ameicans" make it so "Actual, Real Americans" can't get paid a decent wage. Stop it sir, or we'll stop you.

And most of all, stop praising criminals. It is offensive to me to hear my president praise those who've broken the law to get here. I'm certain some are very decent people, howevah, we know some are monsters, in fact the ten to twenty thousand MS-13 members didn't get a shout out from their homey the president. Aren't they some of the exciting crop of "New Americans" or is that designation only good for dishwashers and gardeners?

Nice try Mr. Bush, we ain't buying.

If anybody stopped by have a great night!



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