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Friday, May 26, 2006

Disagreeing With The Captain

Captain's Quarters today asserts...
This bill has plenty of bad planning and unworkable legislation in it without us getting hysterical about something completely innocuous and non-binding. Even the hardest hard-liner should recognize that we will have to work with Mexico to get a lasting solution to our immigration problem. All this amendment does is require that we keep the lines open.
This is an idea I've stumbled across several times and each time I scratch my head and wonder what the writer was smoking. And let me say that I read the Captain and enjoy his blog immensely, this just seems a reflexive response, as if we were dealing with an oligarchy that wasn't run by narco-dollars and utterly corrupt billionaires.

"Work with Mexico?" On what? They are the problem, the almost entire problem and an active component of the problem. This is analogous to saying we need to work with bank robbers to stop bank robery.

Um, no. You enforce the law, you deny the criminal the spoils (remittances), in essence the criminal isn't part of the solution , law enforcement is. Will Mexico really forego 20 billion dollars a year in remittances, not to mention a free pass on tough social change?

Magic eight ball says 'doubtful'.

It appears to me and anyone who's paying attention that all the change is on our side of the border. All the give is on our side of the border. While I agree with the Captain that this is not on it's face horrible, I for one don't like the symbolism. Mexico has held far too much power in this country for far too long. A rude gesture would be appropriate right!

This problem will not be solved with Mexico's "help." In fact it will be solved in spite of Mexico and quite possibly with open violence with Mexico and her vassals in this country already.

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