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Friday, May 26, 2006

When Scumbags...


Source: Theshopfloor

The Shop Floor is a business blog and it seems clear that the person writing the entries is Satan. Here's today's entry on the passage of the hideous Senate "comprehensive" immigration "reform" bill...
Senate Passes Immigration Bill

Just want to note the fact that the Senate manged to pass the immigration bill after many votes, many struggles, many amendments and many weeks in the process. It now goes into conference with the House version, to see if they can work out a compromise between these very different bills.

For our part, we are glad the process is moving forward. Of interest to us are the provisions that address the H1B (high-skilled) visa issue and the employment-based green card system. We want to make sure we continue to attract the best and brightest in the world to the US. We need a less arbitrary system for doing so. As for employer sanctions, we just don't think we should be subject to fines and penalties until we have a reliable and effective system in place. Makes sense, no? Why on earth should an employer acting in good faith be penalized if the system is unreliable? Let's get a reliable system in pace first.

By the way, manufacturers are working to make sure we're improving the US education system as well, so that hopefully we can be home-growing more and better talent right here in the US.

Here's a link to our press release from yesterday, applauding passage of the bill.

Posted by Pat Cleary at May 26, 2006 07:23 AM
Isn't it amusing when those who created the problem then look around with dewy eyed surprise blaming everyone but themselves. This is like the drug addict wondering why their life is a wasteland.

Thanks for chiming in Satan, but I think the people (not the pols) are done listening to your pathetic bleating!

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