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Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Challenge To FF Readers

First of all, to all those who come here regularly, Thanks!

Second, if you come here regularly I assume you care about this issue. What are you doing about it?

Yeah, this is a money where your mouth is type of thing. Couple of thoughts...

Join the Minutemen, even if you don't plan on going to the border it's still important to join. Every person that joins is one more person they can point to as they lobby congress and talk to the press.

NumbersUSA does an excellent job of rounding up all the info you need to effectively yell at your congresscritters. When I call and fax it takes me about five minutes, five minutes, think about that, are you telling me you don't have five minutes? Come on.

FAIR also does a Congressional round-up letting you know who needs attaboys, and who requires a brickbat. Check'em out!

CIS is a great resource if you want to smart up a little bit on the issue.

Vdare is last, but hardly least, they have a great blog and produce daily columns focusing on illegal immigration and immigration issues.

These are the best resources out there folks. The Senate passed the nightmare bill today, it still has to clear the House before it can go to the President's desk. The President wants this bill, Jimmy Carter, Ted kennedy, Harry Reid, and Vincente Fox support this bill.

The future of the country actually hangs in the balance...

Go get'em!

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