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Friday, May 19, 2006

A Kudos From Jake

Lawrence Auster on his site has had some harsh words for Conservative commentators who are recent arrivals on the immigration bandwagon. Specifically he has targeted Rush Limbaugh. Now I am an infrequent Rush listenener until recently so I don't know if he was ever scornful of the problems associated with illegal immigration but since I've been listening I think he's been pretty darn good.

I don't ask that people agree with me, you are welcome to your own opinion just not your own facts. As this issue has bubbled to the surface and demanded attention I'm sure a lot of radio hosts have been dealing with this issue who hadn't been.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, better late than never...(this is on the Senate rejection of the Isakson enforcement amendment)
Folks, I know, it's getting worse by the day, and it's inexplicable. It doesn't make any sense. What are these 18 Republicans doing? What is so difficult to understand about this in terms of the smart, sensible thing to do here? The first thing is the security of the border, and to have 18 Republicans, "Oh, nope, can't put that in there." Maybe they didn't like the fact that we can't do anything else until the border is secure. Well, what is wrong with that? I am trying to maintain my composure, but no matter where I look and no matter how deep I dig, I can't come up with a explanation for any of this that makes sense to me.
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