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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nope, No Hysteria Here

Source: Rocky Mountain News

With a studied calm that would have done 007 proud,  stouthearted Colorado Democrats managed to utter the statements your about to read with only one change of underwear.

Good on ya mates!
A number of Democratic lawmakers have complained of racist overtones in the special session dealing with illegal immigration.

Other lawmakers have said they’ve seen no racism, just healthy debate about what illegal immigrants are costing the state.

‘It would be easier to teach a duck to bark or a dog to quack than to get rid of the racism in this house,’ said Rep. Dorothy Butcher, D-Pueblo.

Some Republican lawmakers dismissed the accusations and said the only reason they’re targeting illegal immigrants is because they drain state services and drive down wages.

‘It just so happens that the cultural and economic impact is driven by the huge influx of immigrants crossing the southern border,’ said Sen. Shawn Mitchell, R-Broomfield.

‘It’s deplorable to cry racism when we are having a serious discussion about illegal immigration.’

Sen. Dan Grossman, D-Denver, wondered aloud if all Colorado residents would have to be fitted with an identity chip or a gold star much like European Jews were forced to wear under Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

‘I’m going down to my tailor to see if he can sew a gold star on my shirt,’ said Grossman, who is Jewish.
You know, this Grossman fellow isn't merely Jewish, turns out he's retarded as well, and I for one want to commend the Colorado assembly for providing this worthy with a sensible, pin striped helmet.

I think this is a bold step in governance, instead of having to wonder and speculate if the representatives are retarded? Now they come clearly marked. I think this is an important step.

Oh, and crazy!

Let's not forget the jumbo -- economy size crazy.

H/T immigrationwatchdog

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