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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Show Prep 080306: When PC Kills

It's bad news for immigration restricionists.

Members of the 'sunlight and kittens' brigade rape their way across the Netherlands.  Parapundit has a thought about Muslim immigration.

Ethnic cleansing?  In America?

Enforcement doesn't work?

Building a wall is too costly?

And as always: Your moment of Atzlan

And Illegal Immigration News

Jake's blog pick o'the week: Unabashedly Unhyphenated

Jake will be in court tomorrow persecuting a poor defenseless anarchist that slashed one of his tires at a Minuteman rally at the Mexican consulate here in 'The occupied heart of mid-western Atzlan."  Wild Bill from Passionate America is stepping up to the plate, thanks Bill!  In a recent conversation he was mentioning to me that Oklahoma was experiencing a boom in it's popultion of illegal immigrants with all the attendant problems that always occur, namely violence.  So I will see y'all on Monday.



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