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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bringing you teh stupid

Cuz we're just good like that!

Source: Chicago Tribune

Christmas is coming early to the Freedom Folks this year courtesy of even more 'Gran Estupido Marches."  Thanks guys!  Keep marching, don't stop.  Americans love hearing how the country will fall apart without bushel loads of illegals to keep this country together.

Or something like that...
Immigration activists begin 50-mile march

Supporters of immigrant rights streamed out of Chinatown Square at noon Friday to kick off a four-day journey that will span the western suburbs and end in Batavia.

Protesters marched west on Cermak Road, the first leg of the 45-mile Immigrant Workers Justice Walk to the home office of U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert. The crowd, about 400-strong, carried a united message by T-shirt and placard: Immigrants' interests matter.

"This is going to be a symbolic pilgrimage calling attention to hard-working, tax-paying people who deserve the opportunity to achieve the American dream," said David "Dino" Martino, political director of the Service Employees International Union.
Dino, Dino, Dino, when your eyes are that brown, does it affect your vision any? Curious George wants to know. Perhaps "dues paying" might have been more accurate Dinorino, hmmmm?*snip*
Salvador Pedroza, president of the Little Village Chamber of Commerce, said critics such as the Minutemen are simply misinformed.

"Immigrants give more to this country than they receive," he said Friday.
And who, pray tell, Mr. Pedroza, is talking about "immigrants?" hmmm? My beef is with illegal immigrants predominantly, by attempting to conflate legal and illegal you show yourself to be unserious in any regard, oh, and a lying, illegal fellating sack of crap. Have a nice day.
For some marchers, such as John Viramontes, 55, of Chicago, the event took on a special sense of urgency.

Viramontes held up a homemade sign that read "We Vote, Don't Deport" and wore two buttons urging support for Elvira Arellano, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who has taken refuge in a Humboldt Park church, refusing to report to the Department of Homeland Security's local offices as ordered.

"My wife came here undocumented from Mexico," Viramontes said. "No family should be torn apart."
Well yes, actually they should. If you really loved your wife you would have asked her to come the right way, and we'd have nothing to talk about.

This is the fundamental problem in a democracy with all immigration. When things get out of control, and they always do, the immigrants themselves put their families and ethnicities before the good of the country, betraying the very country that so graciously took them in.

Of course, illegal loving businesses and politicians are an immense help to these traitorous weasels.

Please allow me to reiterate the quote I used yesterday from Mr. Graham...
The clamor against the Simpson-Mazzoli bill today closely resembles the rigid opposition in the first decade of the twentieth century to any scheme of immigration restriction. The inescapable need for some rational control over the volume of immigration in an increasingly crowded world was plain to see, then as now. But unyielding resistance from the newer immigrant groups, from business interests that exploited them, and from the traditionalists who feared any increase in the powers of government, blocked all action. The problem was allowed to fester and grow-until a wave of national hysteria brought into being a system that was extravagantly protective and demeaningly racist. Hispanic leaders, chambers of commerce, and civil libertarians should take note."35
This is what's coming down the pike, believe any BS push poll you want, but this is the reality. The problem with a liberal government is that it puts it beliefs before the needs of the people. Eventually the people push back, hard. The very environment in which draconian policies proliferate is being created by those who will most be harmed by them, ironic ain't it?

But then again, irony is a delightful spice when used in moderation. Big business wants slaves, illegals and their enablers (communists mostly) want entree and the vanguard army that will make communism a reality in this country. What they refuse to see is the backlash they are generating.

Think 4437 is "mean spirited?" You ain't seen nothing yet!

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