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Friday, September 01, 2006

Show Prep 090106: INTERVIEW WITH SOS's Kele

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English!!

Comin at'cha live from the occupied heart of mid-western Atzlan from 1-4 Central time.

To listen

If that player gives you any trouble and use the "non-java" player.

To call and be part of the show...1-888-407-1776

President Bush's new plan to stop illegal immigration?

Knowingly hired illegals?

Hazelton law, slows assimilation?

Habla Mexicano por favor, or else!

Interview with Kele from SOS (courtesy of Patricia saye)

ISLAM: What we must not know

The GWOT lie

Graf kicking Huffman's butt.

Gran Marches
-- Foreign links?

And as always...

Your moment of Atzlan

Illegal immigration news

Jake's blog pick O'the week: Immigration watchdog



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