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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Meet The new Boss...

Same as the old boss...

Here's a charming two'fer to remind us just exactly what our good friends in Mexico think of American sovereignty...

Source: NYTimes
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon on Monday slammed U.S. plans to build more fences on its southern border, saying it would not solve illegal immigration.

''We are worried ... about the actions that the United States is discussing concerning building a border wall and tightening restrictions on migrants,'' Calderon said after meeting with Mexico's foreign secretary.

The U.S. Senate is debating legislation to build 700 miles of fence on the U.S.-Mexico border along with other security measures, which the House has already passed.

President Vicente Fox, of Calderon's conservative National Action Party, has called the plans ''shameful'' and said the fence would be like the Berlin Wall. Calderon succeeds Fox on Dec. 1.

There are an estimated 11 million Mexicans in the United States, about half of whom are illegal. Last year, Mexican migrants sent home more than $20 billion in remittances.
But wait, there's more...

Source: Axcessnews
In a move that has many proponents of tough US border security and illegal immigration reforms scratching their heads in puzzlement, Mexican President Vincente Fox recently retained the services of a well-known Republican strategist to help stop the rising tide of public outcry over poor border security and rampant illegal immigration.

President Fox reportedly rehired the public relations man and GOP political consultant who is credited with helping Fox win the presidency in 2000. Fox wants Rob Allyn to curtail what he perceives as a growing anti-immigration political juggernaut, especially when it comes to illegal aliens from Mexico.
Jaggernaut? Sweet!

H/T beyond borders blog

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