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Sunday, September 10, 2006

No More Mexicans!

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I have gone ahead and said it. This is a conversation that we've been having on this blog for a while now, and courtesy of "HARVARD EDUCATED HISPANIC JOURNALIST AND ALL AROUND AMAZING PERSON RUBEN NAVARRETTE" we get to revisit it again. Thanks Ruben!

Mr. Navarrette, who is incapable of writing an article that doesn't mention how despicably xenophobic America is...(did I mention he's Hispanic?)
For those who are convinced that the country is being invaded and the Southwest is being reclaimed by Mexico, this congressional nonaction is an abdication of responsibility. These restrictionists see a full-blown crisis and they want Congress to address it. Lawmakers can build a wall, deploy an army, deport people, or make speaking Spanish a misdemeanor and this bunch would love it. But, from the sound of it, what they won't accept is the idea of Congress punting on this issue.
How racist America is...(did I mention he went to Hahvard?)
Of course, immigration reform is never simple in a country as diverse as ours, where the debate may start out being about security or jobs but quickly becomes about refusing entry to people of a specific race or ethnicity.
How he likes to blame all Americans for the sins of the elites and being incredibly racist to boot...(did I mention he's Hispanic?)
Here's what House Republicans don't understand: The people who are angry today will still be angry tomorrow, and on Election Day. They're going to be angry until their beloved towns and neighborhoods are magically restored, in some Norman Rockwell palette, to what they were a generation or two ago before Americans discovered the benefits of immigrants as cheap labor and decided we couldn't live without them.
How incredibly racist America really is...(did I mention he went to Hahvard?)
Tune in to the immigration debate and you'll hear little about the concern that terrorists might enter the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border. What you'll hear are gripes about how immigrants behave once they get here — from not learning English to having too many babies to living 12 people to a house.
Now we arrive at the object of this exercise...(shhh, let's listen in)
"There's the impression that anyone in favor of a more stringent border-security reform plan is probably a racist," he said.

"It's a false picture. It does a disservice. It minimizes a legitimate viewpoint held by millions of Americans who love and want Mexicans working here but still worry about suicide bombers."
Um, fellas? At the risk of sounding crazy-loco-xenophobilicious, I don't want any Mexicans working here. Really, I don't, what I'd really like are Americans, of any color, I don't particularly give a shit about that, but to hone in on the key point, no, I fervently do not want citizens of a foreign power taking jobs inside the borders if this country.

See, and I know this will just fry your liberal-J school mind, but, a "Mexican" is not an "almost-American." Their not "Americans in all but name" either. Turns out, and I'm sorry to be the one to have to break this to ya but, "Mexicans" are actually the citizens of another country, please try to contain your shock and dismay.

Perhaps, Rubino, you should have banked all that fat Hahvard dough and just purchased a quality dictionary?

So, no, I don't want any more Mexicans in this country, along with Chinese, Laotians, Africans, English, Scotch, German, etc., etc., ad nauseum. What I'd like are citizens and patriotic immigrants who embrace our foundational principles working and living in this country, is that too much to ask?

Most especially in a post 9-11 world?

Oh, and as to this...
"There's the impression that anyone in favor of a more stringent border-security reform plan is probably a racist," he said.
Gosh golly fellas, I wonder where that impression might have come from?

Perhaps this...
On that, anti-immigrant hard-liners and I agree.
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