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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A 'Can't Do' Nation?

Source: Human Events

I somehow missed this article in Human Events by William Rusher from April of this year. He neatly encapsulates a specific conservative viewpoint on illegal immigration that makes me more than a little crazy. To wit...
Those of us who want real immigration reform had better reconcile ourselves to the fact that it just isn't going to happen. We are at least 20 years too late. *snip*

The trouble began, as so many of America's troubles have, with a proposal by Sen. Ted Kennedy (D.-Mass.) -- specifically, his 1965 immigration reform bill. That bill, which duly passed, opened the floodgates for Asian and Latin American immigration, and they have never closed since. But at least the newcomers were legal immigrants. Thereafter, the appetite of American employers for cheap labor, combined with the desire of impoverished Mexicans to provide it, simply overwhelmed the laws and the Mexican border. *snip*

That is the meaning of those Mexican flags waving so prominently in the hands of many of the half million Hispanics who demonstrated in Los Angeles recently against immigration reform. America is not just being invaded by an eager horde of willing workers. It is being taken over, gradually but inexorably, by millions upon millions of Spanish-speakers who, without yet even having the vote, are already a political force the American public cannot generate the will to resist. Our two major parties have already sold out to them; American business is happily profiting by the labor they perform so cheaply; and the 11 million illegals already here will look like a drop in the bucket by 2030.
Gosh, America is already dead. Say some kind words Horatio, for she was a fine nation in her short season.

See the amazing rank defeatism masquerade as hard headed pragmatism! One line in this really gets my goat...
It is being taken over, gradually but inexorably, by millions upon millions of Spanish-speakers who, without yet even having the vote, are already a political force the American public cannot generate the will to resist.
No, that's simply not true. Please allow me to rewrite that sentence the way it should read...
...are already a political force the elites, cowardly politicians and Liberals cannot generate the will to resist...
The American people loathe illegal immigration almost exclusively. They hate it. Yet we must listen to pointy headed weasels like this fellow prattle on about how we've already lost, the game is over, all because of the supposed weakness of the American people.

K, then riddle me this Batman? Why is it that there are currently hundreds of local and state laws making their way through city and state governments right now? Why are groups such as the Minutemen et al springing up like mushrooms after a summer rain? Why is the media deathly afraid to report the real activities of our invader class if the American people are so unbelievably apathetic?

Answer: They're not and never have been. While the range of opinions swing between "deport'em all and let god sort'em out" and "slow and steady enforcement should do the trick." elites would have us believe that Americans be lovin' some illegals.

Uh-huh, tell me another one. We know exactly who loves illegals and it ain't the American people. Let us count the ways: Big business loves illegals; politicians love illegals; hate America first and always groups love illegals; and of course, illegals and their ethnic supporters love illegals.

What really gripes me about this piece is the defeatism. As an American I take it as an article of faith that we are a can do people, to hear this elite jackass run that down? It makes me furious.
C.S. Lewis once wrote..."We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and then bid the geldings to be fruitful."
A true man, a true American would never take this defeatist attitude, never. This defeatism, this cowardice is one of the things that most motivates me in this fight.

I attended two protests this weekend with great Americans, Americans who know that to fight a tough fight is not the same as losing, know that a real American rises to the fight, loves the fight, thrives on the fight. These patriots I stand with must have missed the memo that Americans have already been beaten, that we don't have the stomach for this fight.
"Anyone in any walk of life who is content with mediocrity is untrue to himself and the American way."
General George Patton
Whenever I read an article that tells me that Americans aren't up for the fight, don't like the fight? It tells me quite a lot about the author, it tells me they really don't know actual Americans, an astonishingly small number of whom reside within the beltway. Real Americans are fighting tooth and nail everyday to stop this invasion, real Americans will go down swinging.

The truly sad part? Guys like this are one of the worst enemies we face. They're already inside our camp.


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