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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Found In Comments

If you read this blog with any regularity you know by now that I am fascinated by the comments left by average Americans, especially on the subject of illegal immigration.

60 Minutes did a piece on a recent show featuring Hazelton Pennsylvania and mayor Lou Barletta. I haven't watched the piece yet, we don't tolerate an idiot box in our abode and I just haven't made the time to watch online yet.

So the story is up on the CBS site as a text piece to accompany the video report and comments are allowed, and the comments are very good. Read here, just scroll down. Very thoughtful and well informed, just what I like to see.

Though one commenter named Seraphina caught my eye. She feels, well, let's take a look at what she "feels."
There is a problem in the U.S concerning the influx of immigration yes this is a fact but it must be controlled on a federal level so that the entire U.S will be in accord.
K, what about when the fed refuses to act sweetheart?
If not what is going to happen is that the states or cities that do not pass this Law are going to have a HUGE influx of Illgal aliens and the rest will have a huge drain. This is not a good thing economically and it will lead to huge conflict in bigger cities such as cities in New York, New Jersey, and Philidelphia. It has been stated by many sociologists and other researchers that these cities would go through another "depression" without these people and a drain would cause caos.
I apologize in advance to any readers who toil in the vineyards of sociology but, since when is sociology a "hard" science? And, have the rather different disciplines of sociology and economics been merged when I wasn't looking? Should sociologists be warning of economic impacts? Do we give a rat's butt what they "feel" anyway?

I seem to recall similar warnings in history when we got rid of slavery and child labor.
These facts are overlooked. Yes things have to be regulated but things have to be done the right way without taking matters into your own hands.
I'm always fascinated by those who simply don't get what being an American means. The whole point of the American experiment was that we would trust the people rather than royalty or technocrats like, say, oh I don't know, sociologists?
What happens if the law isn't passed because it is considered against federal law and unconstitutional is everyone in Hazleton going to start persecuting those who they "think" are illegal personally. Then answer me this how are you going to recognize the illegals from the legals? Asking them for their papers and looking on a federal website that is innacurate 20% of the time or lets just throw out everyone who has an accent spanish, romanian, or otherwise. Yeah I thought so.
And of course, when in doubt a liberal (yes I'm assuming this person is a liberal, sue me) always does what? Pulls out the what? The race card of course silly! Why? Because fundamentally liberals never trust the people to do the right thing, hence the need for a priest class to oversee society, for our own good of course.

These are from another comment from Seraphina wherein it explains that since "white" people also commit crimes we "make too much" of illegal immigrants committing crimes. She ends with this...
By the way everything I stated is a proven fact I have participated in various sociological studies conducted in the Hazleton area which have brought us to the conclusion that the numbers are wrong and that Hazleton has many more problems that are bieng ignored.
Again with the sociology, please, toots, give the "false expertise" thing a break, please. Let me explain something to you that has bearing on the "science" of sociology, whenever in history one group of people have attempted to push into the territory of another group, what happened?

Did they...

1.) Make flower crowns and dance merrily through the fertile fields?

2.) Celebrate diversity with all their might?

3.) Kill and rape with gleeful abandon?

If you selected number three you have won a deluxe herbal enema courtesy of the United States government!

The cognative dissonance of these folks is really quite stunning. Care to wager that she stands firmly behind enforced wage increases while at the exact same moment supporting wage deflating illegal immigration?

Oh, excuse me, I forgot that these are all "proven facts." Proven by lab coat wearing scientists schooled in the ancient arts of diversity and tolerance.

H/T immigration watchdog

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