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Monday, November 20, 2006

The "New Americans": Media Blackout Edition

Source: asianjournal
This story has it all; the rape of a cerebral palsy victim; desperate attempts to get the perp off (no pun intended); and a partial media blackout...

Fil-Am Nursing Aide Pleads Guilty for Rape of Mentally Handicapped Girl Faces up to 30 years of prison

CHICAGO, Illinois - Nineteen-year-old Filipino immigrant Reynaldo B. Brucal Jr. pleaded guilty Wednesday, November 15, to raping a severely and mentally handicapped resident of a health care facility at suburban Bloomingdale, Illinois that must have occurred in the late part of 2004, which gave birth to a daughter.

Brucal faces "a maximum prison term of 30 years," according to his lawyer Frank T. Scarpino, quoting Illinois State prosecutors.

Scarpino told this reporter in an interview that he has not yet explored the possibility of presenting in court mitigating circumstances, like asking the court to cut short the sentence of Mr. Brucal so he can take care of his daughter.
Hey Scarpino, maybe it could also be cut short so he can eat cheeseburgers? I think we can all agree that cheeseburgers are delicious, so?

Also, in the title the perp is referred to as "Fil-Am?" That would be incorrect, he holds a green card so he's not an "AM." He's a legal resident on his way to citizenship, not the same thing, but what the hell expecting facts from an MSM story is a bit like expecting sanity from the beltway.
A green card holder, Brucal is going to be deported shortly after he serves out his sentence, according to Judge Bakalis. The sentence could range from six to 30 years.
It continues...
"We tried every imaginable means" to avoid conviction but "there was no way we could go around with it," Scarpino added, saying that his request for a "second opinion for a DNA test" confirmed the initial DNA test of the child conducted by investigators matched Brucal's. Brucal initially denied any sexual contact with the 23-year-old woman, who is afflicted with cerebral palsy and cannot walk or communicate.

In November 2005, Brucal confessed, claiming that a latex hospital glove he improvised as a condom failed, according to DuPage Assistant State's Atty. Robert Berlin.
There's that "New American" ingenuity we've come to know and love, no? Scrappy, when presented with the opportunity to rape a girl who could not possibly give consent he didn't let a little thing like lacking a condom slow him down, no sir! He improvised, I can feel our nation improving already from his industriousness.

Now we get to the truly crazy portion of the program...
The attention of the Filipino American community was riveted to the case when Chicago area NBC-Channel 5 TV broke the story on the air with a first sentence, "An 18-year-old Filipino was accused of raping …"

The station was swamped with hundreds of email protests, phone calls and faxes, calling the generic use of "Filipino" word "insensitive," "unnecessary," "false generalization," and "encompassing" since the "Filipino" word not only applies to the nationality and ethnicity but also to the name of the language and culture of the Philippines.

The general manager of the mainstream TV station Larry Wert immediately and privately apologized after getting threat of boycott and mass action by area Filipinos.
"False generalization?" Can a 'fact' fall into that category? Which part of "He's Filpino" are these folks struggling with? Oh, they just don't want it said out loud he was Filipino? Ah, I get it now.

As I usually do I ran a Google; Yahoo and general web search on this story. As is usual with any story that displays an immigrant, whether legal or illegal, in a bad light, it wasn't covered. In this story we learn that it was covered on television but these are the only papers featuring this story...

The Asian Journal

Tempo, Philippines

So a young Filipino fellow rapes a mentally handicapped young lady here in the Chicagoland area and the only newspapers interested are in the Philippines? Something stinks here.

H/T Ace

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