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Monday, November 20, 2006

A WWII Vet On Americans & Illegal Immigration

Source: StiknStein
“I am a WWII veteran, a citizen and voter. At my age I can’t offer a lot of support but be assured I will do what I can to back the movement against illegal aliens. I am truly ashamed at a congress that listens to and supports big businesses that profit from cheap illegal labor and then turns a deaf ear to legal citizens who are crying out to congress to enforce our immigration laws. Our local governments are burdened with the unreasonable additional costs these illegal aliens bring with them for hospital care, education, law enforcement etc. Those businesses who give support to illegal aliens are neither patriots nor true Americans as their only priority is greed and profit. They show absolutely no concern for the good of this country and all it’s citizens. Most of whom are descendant of immigrants who came here legally.”

Ernest Hartman,
Just so Ernest, just so!

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