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Friday, November 24, 2006

Illegal immigration debate draws crowd

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As per my post below...
The nationwide debate over illegal immigration came to Cherokee County Tuesday night, with people on both sides of the debate weighing in on a controversial proposal to target landlords who rent to people in the United States without permission. About 130 people crowded into a meeting room for a hearing on a proposal that stirred strong but restrained emotion, with spectators applauding speakers pro and con. Supporters saluted the commissioners and spoke of the need to uphold the rule of law, while opponents questioned the ordinance's legality and said illegal immigrants contribute to the economy. The arguments mirrored those made nationwide, as local governments increasingly find themselves grappling with an issue that has resisted quick fixes in Congress. "If you're an illegal, you're not supposed to be here," said James Bonner of Woodstock.
Carpentersville OKs immigration message to DC
At the suggestion of Village Attorney James Rhodes, trustees approved a resolution requesting action by the president and the Congress to effect law enforcement and immigration reform. But trustees and Village President Bill Sarto could not agree on the scope of the resolution. Trustee Paul Humpfer said the resolution should address the specific problems in the village. In addition, Humpfer suggested the village demand enforcement instead of reform of current federal laws, which drew fire from Sarto and other trustees. "We want them to focus on enforcing laws that are already on the books," Humpfer said. "We are asking for comprehensive reform, and that is just a buzz word for amnesty."
The debate is happening, and in the places it matters most,, amongst American citizens. Be patient and keep pushing cuz good things are coming down the pike.

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