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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT: Hispanic students outnumber whites

Source: reviewjournal
Hispanic students outnumber white students for the first time in the 50-year history of the Clark County School District, according to the latest figures from the district.

Hispanics make up 38.8 percent of the district's student population, with 117,496 students. The district has 113,430 white students, or 37.5 percent.
Yay for reconquista!
"It compounds the challenges," Rulffes said. "We not only have the profound challenges of the growing population, but we have to change how we do business because of the change in cultural mix."

Rulffes said legislators responsible for determining funding for the district should take heed of the demographic change and provide additional support to aid Hispanics who face a language barrier.

Fifty-five percent of the district's Hispanic students are enrolled in the English Language Learners Program, or ELL, and speak Spanish as their primary language

"We need the funding formula to recognize that we have a new layer of English language learners who are in our system," Rulffes said. "Since all of our testing is in English, students have to acquire the English-language speaking skills to perform well in high-stakes testing."

At nearly 303,000 students, the district is the fifth-largest in the nation.
Translation: We be lubbin illegals show us the MONEY!

Now, here's the retarded reconquista principal and his utterly inane, yet racist "quip"...
"We're taking over," quipped Ron Montoya, a Mexican-American and principal of Valley High School, where about 62 percent of the 3,100 students are Hispanic.

Montoya said the growing Hispanic population is a positive development because Hispanics are kind in nature.
He went on to say "Them Black folk sho 'nuff knows howzta dance and them white crackers sho is mean, but Heespanics are so lovely."

Amazing that people this freaking stupid and racist are not only allowed to teach, but! They can rise to the heights of inane bureaucracy on nothing more than an empty suit and the proper colored skin, how lovely for him.
Norberta Anderson, co-director of the district's English Language Learners Program Department, said the program serves nearly 69,000 students, 94 percent of whom speak Spanish as their primary language.

The program assists students from 132 countries who speak 92 languages. *snip*

Anderson said that about 65 percent of the students in the program are American-born. *snip*

Gomez (chairman of the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce*) said that regardless of citizenship, Hispanic students who are educated in the United States will grow up to love America and do American things.

"With more Hispanics, there is a better representation," he said. "A lot of minorities are ignored because they are minorities."
The reconquista moves on apace folks, nothing to see here, move along please.

*My response to Senor Gomez? (from here)
No, Mr. May (Gomez), they are not, and the fact that you don't understand that is this entire problem in a nutshell. I realize this sounds harsh to ears unaccustomed to the unvarnished truth, but here goes, if you ain't a citizen you may like the US, you may drink Coca-Cola, you may wear Gap Jeans, you may listen to rap music and ride a Harley. But you are not an American citizen.
H/T immigration watchdog

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