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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A New Reader Attempts To Stump Jake

Found in comments here.

New commenter "Anonymous" has entered the "FF" zone to play "Stump The Jake!"

The exciting new game show sweeping the nation, ready? Let's play!

Question 1.
a lot of evil has been done in the name of doing good even more has been done in the name doing "right". you seize on a small number of crimes commited by illegal aliens as an excuse to deport them all but is it not true that the rate of crime by americans is many times the rate of crime of illegals.
Let me say "A" that I am sympathetic to the fact that schools no longer teach a core curriculum, I am, however I'm going to have to call "goulash" on this one good buddy.

Are you ready? The answer is that illegal immigrant crime is out of all proportional to their statistical representation.

Status: Unstumped!

Question 2.
More importantly how much would you need to make per hour for picking apples or carrots or lettuce and conversley are you then willing to pay $3 an apple or $4 for a head of lettuce. Are you truly willing to pay 3 times as much for the salad bar as you are for your prime rib?
Ah, a classic canard which I believe I eviscerated quite and here.

Status: Unstumped!

Our brave commenter finishes with this..."whether you like to admit it or not the underlying post of your economy, cheap food, is built on the backs of the illegals."

Well, what I'll agree to is that yes, we have allowed farmers to depend on ridiculously cheap labor for too long when we should have forced them to mechanize years ago. Nice try anonymous, did you really think such tired open borders talking points were going to fly on a blog dedicated to illegal immigration?

Status: Unstumped!

Our new theme song...

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