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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Classin' The Joint Up!

A commenter named "Jordek" hailing from sunny (and slightly retarded it seems) Baja, Mexico left this comment in a hot steaming heap beneath this post...(typical leftist claptrap and nonsense bolded for your reading pleasure)
No, no, no ,no, the poor here is you, ´cause you dont have the brain to understand, he said, "suck my balls, PUTO!" you better learn that, because almost all the americans (not all) admire us, besides you´re nothing whithout us, and remember that u all stole´d our territory, save that in you very small tinny brain

Jordek | Homepage | 12.29.06 - 7:09 pm |
I will refrain from comment as along with some mild retardation I'm assuming from his blog layout he's about 13, but feel the respect! I for one feel so much better about our invader class if this is what we can expect in our future from our "good friends" (it has to be true President Bush told me so), the citizens of Mexico.


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