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Saturday, December 30, 2006

'Illegal Immigration: the U.S., Third-World Wasteland?'

Source: newsbyus

William Calhoun has a good piece up looking at the third world invasion of America and it's consequences. Note in particular his proscriptions at the end...
Rep. Tom Tancredo recently attracted the ire of the left-wing media when he made the rather pedestrian observation that Miami “has become a third-world country.” This should not be news. Everyone I know who has been to Miami (or southern California or Arizona, for that matter) has noticed the same: the US is being transformed into a third-world cesspool.

This should be no surprise. A recent former military intelligence analyst told me, “There currently exists a third-world invasion of America. And it is bad. Very bad. If things are not stopped soon, all will be lost. America will become a third-world sewer.”

Many of the earmarks of a third world country (poverty, disease, ethnic strife, quixotic defense of a “propositional nation,” big business driving down wages with cheap labor, gangs, abundant treason, etc.) are currently widespread in the U.S.

There exists a very dangerous new alliance in America: left-wing multiculturalism and big business. Although big business may have sided with conservatives during the Cold War, it now aligns itself with the radical left, and gives most of its money to far Left causes.

Only look at Wal-Mart. Recently Wal-Mart has started giving enormous sums of money to radical pro-homosexual groups, and last year Wal-Mart gave more money to La Raza than to any other organization. What is La Raza? It is the mestizo pro-immigration group that has called for the complete elimination of the white race.

Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, founder of La Raza, has proudly said: “We have an aging white America…. They are dying…. They are ******** in their pants with fear! I love it!” He then demands: “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

Kill all the whites, eh? This should be no surprise. Why do Hispanics so hate Western Civilization? Just look at Mexico. With the exception of a very small upper class of European descent, most Mexicans are either Amerindian or mestizo (mostly Amerindian with a few drops of Spaniard or African blood). In short, most Hispanics are genealogically Asian, they are not Western, and they despise the West.

And so the third-world conversion of America continues. A friend of mine in southern California recently watched her once predominantly white neighborhood become 85% mestizo. Crime has increased 700%, HIV 800%, and the school board recently removed all “white authors” from the reading list. Yes, they have actively been removing all white authors from the schools, and it is also commonplace for mestizos to demand the removal of all “European elements” from their liturgy.

Many Hispanics, furthermore, identify with terrorists. We know for certain that mestizos are helping terrorists sneak across the Rio Grande. They have made alliances with terrorist cells in India and Bangladesh. At a soccer game in Mexico recently, the crowd erupted in applause when a picture of Bin Laden was shown on the screen. Furthermore, as recently reported by the Christian Science Monitor, at least 200,000 Hispanics in the United States have recently converted to Islam, and this number is expected to increase exponentially.
Read it all.

H/T immigration watchdog

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