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Friday, January 05, 2007

More Reax To The Mexican Border Incursion!

Eckernet: "Anyone that is not pissed off by this cannot honestly claim that they give a flying fart about our national security. While Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans piss around with a guest worker program and granting amnesty to criminals, we have armed hostiles attacking our border."

Vanishing American: "How many such incidents will it take before this begins to be taken seriously? I suspect there is nothing the Mexicans can do that would provoke a forceful response from us. It seems that despite the open display of force from the Mexicans, all we do is appease, placate, and court them. Disgusting."

Right Pundits: "Perhaps emboldened by a new Democrat majority in Congress, a U.S. Border Patrol team was overrun by Mexican gunmen on Wednesday who then retreated across the border back into Mexico. This is startling news."

Jibril: "Time to shoot back"

Sensible Mom: "Wasn't the deal that the National Guard would be unarmed along the border, you know, because otherwise the Mexicans would be offended? Great. A bunch of armed Mexicans crossed the border and our Guardsman had their hands tied."

Mike's America: "I suppose these overeager "immigrants" were just in a hurry to begin living the American Dream and do jobs (like drug running) that Americans don't want to do."

Mark My Words: "I would say it's time to up man and up armor our forces on the southern border."



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