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Friday, January 05, 2007

These Colors Continue To Run

One of the defining topics of this blog are the armed incursions across our southern border. There have been over two hundred! Many of them conducted by the Mexican military. Another one occurred yesterday, in this incident it is believed they were drug smugglers who were heavily armed and not only stormed the border but came right at National Guardsman.

Video here.

I'm sure you noted during the video that the Border Patrol spokesman admitted that the guardsmen and whoever else was there protecting our border "they vacated the site, for safety purposes."

Excuse me? WTF? Is cowardice our new national security posture? Which other criminals shall we back away from like a dog slinking away? If all we're going to do is run away why even bother with having guardsmen on the border?

And most importantly, why aren't these dirtbags who crossed our border still breathing? I want to make sure we completely understand each other here. People crossed our border with bad intent. They were armed. They came right at Border Patrol agents and National Guardsmen and...our guys, the good guys, ran away?

I am astonished here, I literally do not understand this. Are there any other countries for whom we are their bitch? I'm just curious. Anybody else we bend over for like whipped curs?

Still think "these colors don't run?" These colors continue to run at the border like little girls shrieking at spiders. Damn! I am deeply ashamed to be an American this second, where in God's name is our backbone, our spine? Is this even a country anymore? I tend to think not if we allow drug runners to drive our NATIONAL GUARD away from our border because of "safety concerns"!

I have calls in to a National Guard spokesperson and Rep. Tom Tancredo's spokeman. Here's hoping they have something sensible to report on how this could possibly happen, though color me doubtful at the moment.

Know why I think this is happening?

Nice to know that your families and your countries safety don't rate as high to those in charge as the safety of drug dealers. Comforting thought, no?

Know who I think gave the order...

A man of principle? Really? Can you define these alleged principles for me again, cuz I ain't seeing it.

Allah wonders: "What on earth were their assailants carrying that could have forced an armed Guard unit to retreat?"

MKH: "Ay carumba"

Riehl World View: "...if you need a better example of an alleged super power so hobbled by political correctness and weak political leadership that it can hardly protect itself, let alone wage a war - you may be waiting a long time for better than this."

And if there was any lingering doubt in your mind, I am so NOT an (R) anymore!

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