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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Senior Citizens Group Fighting for Americans

Source: My San Antonio

An unratified U.S.-Mexico accord meant to make it easier for each country's workers abroad to receive retirement benefits is a pathway to reward undocumented immigrants who will drain U.S. Social Security coffers, says a senior citizens group that obtained a copy of the document.

More than three years after suing the Social Security Administration and State Department for failing to make the "totalization agreement" public, the TREA Senior Citizens League was provided a copy Wednesday.
Jake posted on this totalization accord a couple of days ago. It's good to hear that this organization of patriots is sticking with our government like stink on you-know-what.

"We finally got the document, but instead of obtaining answers, now we have more questions," Benton said.
Yeah. Like this one:

"Are we going to reward people who are here illegally, who violated our laws?" asked George Smith, 76, chairman of the senior league's board of directors through last year, who retired in San Antonio.
Is it just me, or does it seem like our own government is working on Kama Sutra-like collection of ways to screw the American people?

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