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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jobs Americans Won't Do?

Remember the immigration raid in New Bedford, Massachusetts back on March 6th? The one that had the MSM crying like babies? Well, I just read this follow up article...

Source: AP/Yahoo!
Michael Bianco Inc. was a success story, a small leather factory in a struggling city that landed military contracts at such a rate that its work force more than quadrupled in the span of a few years.

Federal officials said that growth was on the backs of illegal immigrants. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement rounded up 361 workers in a March 6 raid at the waterfront factory, and arrested the company's owner and three top managers.
Would that be "undocumented workers" doing the jobs Americans won't do? Those crazy kids!
Owner Francesco Insolia has been back on the job since the day after his arrest, and the company says more than 400 people have applied for jobs since the raid.

And unlikely allies have come forward in support of the company because of what's at stake: $91 million in an Army contract and hundreds of jobs in a region with an unemployment rate nearly double the national rate.
Amazing, isn't it, that the company was unable to fill the jobs with legal workers in an area with an unemployment rate nearly double the national rate?

Mayor Scott Lang says the 361 jobs left vacant by the raid are being considered "new jobs," and expressed his eagerness that the valuable government contract be kept in the city. And he has an ally in Senator Ted Kennedy.
U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., also wants the jobs to stay in New Bedford.

"But absolutely no one who helped oversee the operation of this fraud on the taxpayers and wholesale undermining of labor law and human rights should be able to participate," Kennedy spokeswoman Melissa Wagoner said.
There goes sweaty Teddy, wanting to stick it to the company while releasing the individual committing an illegal act from responsibility.

Well, I'm with him on sticking it to the company.

Big time.

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