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Friday, April 20, 2007

All Governments: We Buy Stupid By The Trainload!


Recently the mayor of Nagasaki, Japan was assassinated by a local gangleader. The Japanese gub'mints response?
Underworld gangs are linked to most gun violence here, including the death of mayor Iccho Ito, who was attacked by a gang member on Tuesday in the southern Japanese city as he campaigned for re-election this weekend. …

“We want to call on all ministries and agencies concerned to take proactive gun-control measures,” Mr Shiozaki, the top spokesman for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, said. …

Japan already strictly controls guns, with only police and licensed hunters and some sportsmen allowed to own firearms.
I was going to snark on Japan in the title, then realized it would be unfair to single them out as if this were somehow unique. Nope, as far as I can tell it is the default position of all gub'mints to truck in vast amounts of high quality, family sized stupid!

Hitler Kitty sez: I smell a pogram, a gub'mint pogram!

H/T The Bitch Girls via Ace

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