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Friday, April 20, 2007

The "New Americans?"

Source: the state
Another arrested in prostitution case

Federal authorities have arrested another person in connection with the forced prostitution of a 14-year-old Mexican girl and have indicted three others.

Rafael Hernandez-Gonzalez was indicted Wednesday, court documents said. He is charged with eluding examination and inspection by immigration officials.

Jesus Perez-Laguna, Guadalupe Reyes-Rivera and Ciro Bustos-Rosales were indicted Wednesday on six counts that include immigration and prostitution offenses.

Reyes-Rivera is a fugitive. Anyone with information about her should call the FBI at (803) 551-4200 or Immigration and Customs Enforcement at (803) 765-5430.
Can you feel it? How these scumbags strengthen the very fabric of America? I think we can all agree that prostituting a fourteen year old girl certainly qualifies as 'plucky!' I thank god daily that our president has stuck to his guns and made certain that the necessary conditions required for this underage girl to be bought and sold remained unchanged!

Thank you Mr. President! Thank you for keeping America safe for those who would import underage sex slaves! Thank you sir!

A reminder...
The U.S. Government estimates 18,000 to 20,000 victims are trafficked to the United States annually. These victims are typically forced, coerced or lured through fraud into slavery-like conditions.
Feel the pride, the American pride as we usher in the new era of slavery!

Can you feel it?

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