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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Reax To Toninght's Speech

Found here.
It hanst’ been a good day, Blackiswhite, has it? I was climbing up Pacheco pass coming home, the Other Half commenting, usually it’s me. I felt my heart sinking as the car climbed…..I thought of that, oddly enough. I fear for this country, our beloved nation….I’m glad in my own way, and it chokes me up a bit to say it…but I’m glad my Dad isn’t alive to see it. I would feel ashamed. My friend Joshua, died in ‘Nam. I consider the third vision of George Washington…….and here I am, one dude, a middle aged guy with a shotgun, basically a nobody……..maybe, I think it was Lenin, was right about the rope…..but for the wrong reasons. All I know now is what I feel about me, seeing you people every night. It gives me hope and a belief that many millions of us are now at a boiling point. For America’s sake I pray this is so……I will not give up, fighting silently if I must.
What he said!



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