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Friday, May 19, 2006

Why Now?

Jon Henke manages to paint himself both an elitist and a bit of an ignorant fool in this witless post. This globalist masquerades ad hominems and puzzled accusations as reasoned discourse on why nativists seek to deny him his biddable slave labor, I feel for him, really I do, but ultimately I hold him and his free trade pirate buddies in contempt.

A taste of the badness...
"Why is this suddenly such a big issue right now?"
I had no good answer. In 2001 or 2002, I might've said, "well, 9/11, you know". But it's been almost 5 years since 9/11. One might point to the upcoming '06 Congressional elections, but the anti-illegal immigration furor seems to be a fairly grassroots movement. There's been no apparent change in the nature or degree of illegal immigration that would explain the recent political hysteria. The United States has generally operated with -- if not wide-open -- at least non-militarized borders for hundreds of years and the Republic has not fallen to the invading Chinese, Irish, Italians, Japanese, Jews or Mexicans. In fact, though widely feared for a time, each incoming group gradually assimilated and contributed to what we now call America.
I was fully prepared to apply a full court fisking, but Bryan Preston at Hot Air did such a good job I'm just going to point you his way and give him a free fire field to have at the clueless chucklebunny Jon Henke.

A taste of the goodness...
I’d love to hear someone from that side make a cogent argument that having open borders in the middle of a war is a good idea. And I’d love for anyone on the open borders side to acknowledge the recent history of the issue. Or to acknowledge that the previous seven amnesties since 1986 have not curbed illegal immigration, and have made it worse. And I’d love to hear the argument that rewarding illegal behavior won’t beget more illegal behavior.
The boy on fah!

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