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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

100% Preventable!

Source: KLAS-TV
Illegal Child Rape Suspect On The Loose

Police have a warning for you. A man wanted for sexually assaulting a little girl in the valley could be in your neighborhood. Police say the girl’s mother witnessed the man abusing her 8 year old daughter. They are concerned because the man is a day laborer, which means he could be in just about any area on any given day.

Police say the man is known as Jose. He is accused of sexually abusing the girl at an apartment complex near Martin Luther King and Bonanza. The suspect was staying with the victim’s family, helping them with the rent. Metro Sergeant Leonard Marshall says “at about 10 in the morning on Saturday, mom found Jose with her daughter, an 8 year old female, and she was being sexually abused by Jose.

The suspect may have some cuts and bruises to his arms. The victim’s mother walked in on the attack. There was then a fight between the victim’s mom and the man, with the man eventually jumped out of a second floor window. Detectives believe Jose looks to get picked up for manual labor jobs at the intersection of Rancho and Bonanza. They sat he’s not shy. “But being a day laborer, he should have had a lot of contact, and been around, he’s not a reclusive type person. And when we talked with people in the community, and showed them Jose’s picture, they instantly recognized him,” says Sergeant Marshall.

Neighbor Katherine Rose says she has seen Jose before. “He asks for money and stuff like that.” Another neighbor told us, “Yeah, he looks like a guy who tried to sell me some speakers one time.” Police spent Monday canvassing the area looking for the suspect. A description and pictures of Jose are now posted around the community. Timing, though, is critical. Police say the man may be an illegal immigrant looking to leave the country.
How nice, quick open the border wider, please?

H/T immigrationwatchdog

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