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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can You Say I - L - L - E - G - A - L ??????????

Source: WaPo

A congressional hearing on immigration came to a dramatic pause Monday when Gen. Peter Pace, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, choked up as he talked about his Italian immigrant father and the opportunities that America had given to his family.

A hush fell over the auditorium at Miami Dade College as Pace, a Marine who was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., and grew up in Teaneck, N.J., was overcome with emotion and struggled to continue reading from his statement as the opening witness at the field hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Pace was explaining his family's origins to the committee and the opportunities he and his three siblings enjoyed in America when he lost his composure, much to the surprise of the 150 people gathered in the hearing room and to the five senators, who sat riveted as the general paused.

After he composed himself, Pace described his older sister, who went to law school, and his older brother, who, like himself, attended the Naval Academy and was a Marine.

"There is no other country on the planet that affords that kind of opportunity to those who come here," Pace concluded. The audience burst into applause.
Absolutely. Agree 100%. But what, exactly, does this have to do with solving our ILLEGAL immigration problem and securing our borders?

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), who was at the hearing, said Pace made an "enormously moving comment and statement" and added: "We just hope our colleagues in the Congress can hear it."
I know that God has reasons for what he does, but I certainly can't figure out why he gifted Kennedy with such a huge cranium and such a gaping piehole in conjuction with such a tiny pea brain.

The House bill (4437) is about border security and law enforcement. If we build a wall along the entirety of our border with Mexico and really, actually, please-oh-please-can-we start enforcing our immigration laws, no one who is coming here legally will be stopped or even hindered from enjoying the opportunities this great country affords its citizens and legal residents. They go to an entry point. They show their paperwork. They enter the country.

I keep hearing that those of us who oppose illegal immigration and want it fixed yesterday are not willing to debate the issue. How can I possibly discuss the issue with any meaning when the issue is ILLEGAL immigration and the other side refuses to let the word ILLEGAL tumble from their dishonest, gaping pieholes? And how can anyone complain about there being no debate when the first thing that tumbles out of said gaping pieholes are accusations of my being a racist, xenophobe and vigilante?

The answer, of course, is that they don't really want a debate, because they know they are liars with gaping pieholes. So they call me names, then complain when I don't care to engage them in conversation.

Yes, I realize that, in my frustration, I just engaged in a little name-calling of my own. And if "Liars with Gaping Pieholes" were a race, I suppose I'd actually be a racist.

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