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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pa. poll finds support for local immigration laws

Source: pittsburghlive

In a recent piece called "Can't Do Nation" I excoriated an alleged conservative who suggested that Americans didn't have the stomach to deal firmly with illegal immigration. Funny, but I keep coming across articles like this...
Pennsylvanians strongly support local laws that crack down on illegal immigrants, such as controversial ordinances recently enacted in Hazleton, Luzerne County, a new statewide poll shows. Sixty-five percent of those polled support Hazleton's action -- designed to make the Eastern Pennsylvania community "the toughest place on illegal immigrants in America," according to its mayor -- and nearly two out of three (63 percent) say they would back similar laws in their communities, the survey conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research found. About 78 percent of Pittsburgh-area residents supported the law -- the strongest support of any region in the state.
I trust Americans to deal with this, we simply made the mistake of thinking that Washington could be trusted, ever. Now we know better and you will see things like this springing up all over the country. All that's lacking now is an individual or movement to tie it all together into a potent movement. Americans want this dealt with, their just not sure how as of yet.

That will change.  I've written before about a Minuteman Project 2.0, it's coming, I sense it on the horizon and I am most curious to see what shape it will take.

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