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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OxyMORON Of The Day: Violent Peace Activists?

Source: lse
A smirking peace activist who left a rising rock star fighting for his life after a row over his girlfriend was jailed for eight months today.

Christiaan Briggs, 30, attacked 19-year-old singer Billy Leeson and left him in a coma, after Mr Leeson asked him to stop staring at his girlfriend on a late night number 29 bus.

After punching the teenager Briggs, who went to Iraq as a peace activist in 2003, walked away "smirking".

Mr Leeson fell into a coma when he hit his head in the pavement and the judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court said: "It was obviously a miracle that he lived."
We know a little something about this...

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And I could go on. The thing is the left is so far gone they've decided that violence and intimidation are perfectly legitimate strategies for achieving their ends. Only problem is this is America not some third world hell hole.

The smirking, jackass "peace activists" spokeshole had this to say....
In mitigation Bartholomew Casella said Briggs was a "committed pacifist" and was "absolutely horrified by his behaviour".

He told the packed courtroom that Briggs was a man of "far beyond good character, quite an exceptional young human being who has devoted a lot of time to helping others, who has rather selflessly gone about in his own way trying to make the world a better place."
And isn't that the problem in a nutshell? Instead of trying to fashion himself into something resembling a decent human being, he deludes himself into thinking he's a good person because he acts as a human shield. Which is almost by definition a selfish act, a grandstanding moral gesture with precisely zero substance well in keeping with the twisted mores of the far left.

If you know your history, and I'm always amazed at how few do, you know that we've seen this before in America and we've also dealt with it, rather smartly I might add. Yes, these sorts will have a couple of months and years to frolic, at some point they will go too far and then they will find themselves facing some very pissed off Americans holding ax handles.

The ultimate irony of the far left is simply this: The pograms they are constantly shrieking about are ultimately brought down on their heads by their own activities and excesses.

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