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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Americans Talk Back

Source: The Daily Nightly

On a recent Tom Brokaw program he took a look at illegal immigration. We don't have a TV so we didn't watch the show, but the reactions to this program have been intense. Alert reader Zorro tipped us to these comments under the blog that accompanied the original MSNBC story...

Hey, I stood in line to get a $15 an hour job that I was assured would be mine. Two weeks later, I found out that 2 illegals were hired to do the job one experienced person can do, but for only 7 bucks an hour. Now, you tell me how is that fair when I was never given an option as to whether I wanted that job at a reduced salary. I'm 44 years old and I am suffering soon to out on my a**. I am willing to work but refused to accepted a job making less than minimum wage like 4.75 per hour. I was will to accept 9 dollars an hour.

Americans will do the jobs illegals do.

Thank goodness I live in an area illegals have not invaded, yet.

People here wait in line to get jobs paying $9 per hr

or more and are happy to get it.

Our students drive to the cities to work for $6 per hr, and are happy to find a job.

Some of these jobs are hard work, but believe it or not, poor Americans have to earn a living also.

I am sooo sick and tired of being sick and tired, when it comes to Illegal immigration. My husband, who is a Legal Hispanic immigrant, played by all the rules! He worked numerous jobs, that you state Americans don't want to do. How were we rewarded for playing by the rules?! Two years ago, when we were ready to finally purchase a home, we instead got a suprise! We discovered that over 30 Illegal Aliens had stolen his Soc. Sec. #!! It turned into a nightmare! Needless to say, we didn't get our house!!

Mr Brokaw are you paying attention to these comments of the American people? You know the kids and grandchildren of "America's Greatest Generation"?

Why weren't you acting like the responsible journalist by showing all aspects of the story and not just glorifying the illegal alien invasion. Does the term "yellow journalism" come to mind? Your portrayal of illegal aliens in an attempt to gain public sympathy for them only encourages illegal aliens to violate our immigration laws, steal our identities and murder, rape and molest innocent Americans of which you open borders and illegal immigration advocates conveniently ignore.

What has become of true news journalism? This Living in the Shadows piece was pure propaganda. Companies hiring illegal aliens have LOWERED the wage base for that occupation and it is NOT just picking lettuce or digging ditches. It is jobs in construction and jobs in plants that used to be a decent job for Americans. Now Americans don't want those jobs because they don't pay enough to live on unless you live 17 people to a house. Illegal aliens are bringing DOWN our standard of living. I just don't understand how they can continue to move about freely, and even be on TV without being deported? Why is our government asleep at the wheel? They have allowed this country to be destroyed by invaders from other countries "who just want to work". Everyone I talk to thinks it's a problem. This situation is NOT reversible. Americans want ALL illegal aliens OUT of our country and the main stream media continues to ignore the true opinion of the majority of Americans as does our government.

Ouch! That'll leave a mark. Read all the

Do you think they'll follow up on these comments? Nah, me neither! I also note, I did not see one favorable comment to the story or illegals in all the comments i read. This is the result every single time when this issue is put before the American people, every single time.

H/T StopTheInvasion who has been added forthwith to the blogroll

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