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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ex-Squeeze Me II

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We reported yesterday on this story, here's a little more just for fun...
JUPITER ISLAND, Florida -- At least 14 men who apparently traveled by open boat across the Caribbean ended their voyage this week at the wealthy enclave of Jupiter Island, just north of posh West Palm Beach, where some broke into a home to cook themselves a meal and get cleaned up, police said.

A first 911 call came at 9:21 p.m. Tuesday, when a resident reported seeing "a dozen Haitian men" walking in the area, said Lt. Janelle Atlas of the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

Next, homeowners called to say they returned home to find "eggs on the stove, the shower having recently been used and a wet grocery bag of clothes," Atlas said. Police believe some of the illegal migrants broke into the house but ran out the back door when the owner returned, she said.

As they searched for the men, police found a boat containing a handgun and a duffel bag of heroin -- and in the water next to the boat was a man's body, Atlas said.

Police identified the man as 58-year-old Jamaican resident Nigel Warren, she said, and the medical examiner's office has ruled the death a drowning.
Okay, first of all I think we can all agree that guns and bags of heroin are simply the cool thing to have these days, nothing to worry about. And as to breaking into the house and using it exactly as they use this country, all I can say is "so long as their comfortable."

That's the most important thing, I mean, if raping your daughter would help even one invader relax from "living in the (brightly lit, crime infested) shadows, well, it's well worth it, no?

And if sexually abusing your toddler son helps an illegal immigrant feel more at home here, how could you say no?

And if brutal murders and beheadings are how they "get their groove on" who are we to suggest they might be stone age savages? That would be wrong.

Because around here we won't stand for anything seriously bad like calling people rude names, even if their absolutely true.

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