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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Bad Move...

Source: The Independent
Germany is to revive plans to criminalise Holocaust denial as well as the use of Nazi symbols in all EU countries, making them punishable by up to three years in prison. Ministers in Berlin have identified the move as a priority of Germany's six-month presidency of the EU which began on 1 January. Its efforts come against the background of the formation in the European Parliament of a far-right group, Identity, Sovereignty and Tradition. However, the proposal is certain to provoke controversy, particularly in the EU's new members in eastern Europe where politicians have objected to any legislation that would ban Nazi insignia but permit the use of Communist symbols.
The proper remedy for bad speech is more speech, not government curtailment of free speech. Government hates to relinquish power it has taken, hence the conservative principle of limited government.

When the government is granted an inch it will take a yard. Just remember, groups like CAIR cheer the passage of bills like this, they dream of criminalizing "Islamophobia" in this country. Especially if "Islamophobia" is defined as telling the truth about Islam.

In fact, I'm going to celebrate my first amendment rights just cuz I can...


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